Welcome to the home of Big Walnut Youth Baseball (BWBA).

The Big Walnut Baseball Association is a volunteer driven, non-profit organization serving the local Big Walnut community. Our goal is to provide opportunities for young players to grow their skills and their knowledge of the great game of baseball. While not directly affiliated with the Big Walnut Local Schools programs, we work closely with Head Coach Jack Schone and the Eagles coaching staff to grow young players for participation at the local schools level.

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Thank you to all the coaches and volunteers who make this such a great program.
If you are visiting us, Big Walnut Elementary Fields are located at (940 S Old 3C Rd., Sunbury, OH 43074)

Field Status
Batting Cage 1 (F1-F2) - Sunbury OPEN (9/26) 
Batting Cage 2 (F3-F4) - Sunbury OPEN (9/26) 
BWE Field 1 - Sunbury OPEN (9/26) 
BWE Field 2 - Sunbury OPEN (9/26) 
BWE Field 3 - Sunbury TBD (9/26) 
BWE Field 4 - Sunbury OPEN (9/26) 
GRE Field - Sunbury OPEN (9/26)