Welcome to the home of Big Walnut Youth Baseball (BWBA).

The Big Walnut Baseball Association is a volunteer driven, non-profit organization serving the local Big Walnut community. Our goal is to provide opportunities for young players to grow their skills and their knowledge of the great game of baseball. While not directly affiliated with the Big Walnut Local Schools programs, we work closely with Head Coach Jack Schone and the Eagles coaching staff to grow young players for participation at the local schools level.

Concession Volunteer Sheet

Thank you to all the coaches and volunteers who make this such a great program.
If you are visiting us, Big Walnut Elementary Fields are located at (940 S Old 3C Rd., Sunbury, OH 43074)

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Big Walnut Softball 16 and over Co-ed Softball Tournament
Summer Slam 16 and Over Co-ed Softball Tournament Fridat and Saturday...
End of Season Tournament and All Star Updates
Parents/Coaches This is only for Machine Pitch, Minros and Majors...
Big Walnut Softball 16 and over Co-ed Softball Tournament

Summer Slam

16 and Over Co-ed Softball Tournament Fridat and Saturday June 22-23

$10 Registration fee per person

Come out for a fun time and support BWGSA! All are welcome. Number of games will be based upon number of participants registered.

Email bwgsa1@gmail.com to register

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End of Season Tournament and All Star Updates


This is only for Machine Pitch, Minros and Majors divisions.  The T-Ball and Coach Pitch seasons will end after their last game on June 16th.

End of Season Tournament

With the rain delays early in the season we are having to push back our tournament a little bit.  It looks like we may get more rain this weekend as well so please remain flexible.

It is looking like we will be starting the tournament June 25th and plan to have the championship games on Saturday June 30th.  If the weather holds this weekend we may be able to get some first round games in on June 19th and 21st.


All Stars

The All Star ballots will be going out soon.  Coaches, you will receive 1 ballot per player that will need filled out and returned to the box at the concession stand.  Please make sure they are legible and if you have players with the same first name please make sure they include last names.

Our All Star games and activities will be on July 4th again this year leading up to the fireworks.  This is a great event for everyone and we will be sending out more details very soon.

Here is the league rules on selecting All Stars:

Big Walnut Baseball Association - All-Star Selection

BWBA will have players elected to an All-Star and selected to a Tournament Team.  The All-Star team will play one game at the end of the regular season. The all-star participants will be selected prior to the end of the regular season at a TBD date.  The coaches should employ the spirit of both competition and fair play being reminded that these games are a reward to the players for a good season.

Two types of voters; Players, and Coaches will select the players to the all-star teams.  Each player will be given an all-star ballot to fill out. The head and assistant coaches will be given an all-star ballot to complete.

The All Stars will be selected by the division coaches, League Director and at least one BWBA board member.  The All Star Ballots will be used in the selection, but the final decision will be made by the coaches with tie breakers being determined by the League Director.  Each division will select enough players to field 2 teams. They are not required to select a certain number of kids per team but it is encouraged to keep it fair and even.

Tournament Team.  

If the schedule permits, the league would also like to enter Majors, Minors and Machine Pitch teams in one or more post-season tournaments.  The BWBA board and League Director in the league will agree, by vote if necessary, on a head coach and two assistant coaches for the tournament team.  The players selected for the All Star game will be invited to play in the tournament. In the event that All Star participants are not able to play in the tournament they can be replaced at the tournament coach's discretion.


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Field Status
BWE Field 1 - Sunbury TBD (6/18) 
BWE Field 2 - Sunbury TBD (6/18) 
BWE Field 3 - Sunbury TBD (6/18) 
BWE Field 4 - Sunbury TBD (6/18) 
BWE Field 5 - Pre K - Sunbury TBD (6/18) 
GRE Field - Sunbury OPEN (6/18) 
Middle School Field - Sunbury OPEN (6/18)